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I received the new goza stand this evening and had to take some photos and post. You can see the photos on the site. I have to hand it to Bill Woodall; this thing is beautiful. It's also pretty heavy being made of Brazillian Cherry. I'd say much heavier than our current stand.

The weight isn't a bad thing necessarily, meaning it would probably last us a much longer time. I'm not sure if people remember the stand I built before in 2003. It was meant to be portable, meaning we had to attach the feet each session, but that was a pain. I also never coated it, so eventually after some nicks into the stand, it split apart down from vertical across to one corner.

As indicated earlier, this is a combo stand. It is actually two 1-peg stands that can be put together into one big stand with up to 5 pegs or goza on it. It's like the Voltron of goza stands. (yeah, I'm dating myself).

So now we can have tameshigiri in the park with up to three people cutting at a time (if we include Shihan's stand too), which should really help speed things up. We'll probably still do only about two at a time so Shihan can watch one cutter and I can watch the other. For the occassion we want to try cutting multiple goza, we can put the stand together with the yokonarabi.

I'll bring it to the kodenkan class on Saturday to put it together.

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Comment by Sylvia Kresock on December 5, 2007 at 4:25pm
The stand looks amazing!
Comment by Andrew Dicenso on December 2, 2007 at 5:30pm
The Voltron of stands.....omg lol. Did you use it today? Sorry I couldn't make it but I figured being extremely sleep deprived and using a katana not to be a wise decision.

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