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September 2007 Blog Posts (4)

Doing 200 cuts

At the Saturday class, I tried to see how long it would take me to do about 50 cuts on air, and to my surprise, I found that I could do it in about a minute and a half. This is to perform that many cuts on air with the power it takes to actually do it right, cut the right lines (tachitsuji), and not mess up.

Basically I imagined 4 stands before me and cut 4 cuts on average, and threw in 2 more somewhere in between. That makes 50 cuts. I did only 4 cuts on a goza most of the time… Continue

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New goza stand ideas

I wokring on ordering a new goza stand from Bill Woodall's workshop in Florida. They have been creating some nice stands for a while, but what we have will be a new idea:

  • A yokonarabi stand is like a long bar where you can have multiple pegs and gozas, and it sits on two separate legs. This is a much more stable system than a single leg stand, at least if you want it to survive for a while
  • each of the legs…

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Tameshigiri at the park, Rawn sensei out-of-town

There should be a tameshigiri (cutting) practice at Himmel Park on Sunday Sep 30th, 9am - 12pm. All are welcome to come watch. You may be able to participate if you have already, or are told by Shihan you can join in. If you are a student, please bring your bokuto.

The meeting is at the regular spot on the east side of Himmel park.

Directions: Go to Speedway and Tucson, drive east towards Speedway and Treat. Turn south (after the church) and the group should meet someone… Continue

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Upcoming tests for Kyu ranks

We should be coming up on tests for the Kyu ranks in early October:

  • Patrick Quintero, gokkyu, UofA RSKB - is testing for his yonkyu rank
  • Kimmie Ryan, mukyu, UofA RSKB - is testing for her rokkyu rank

  • Andrew Dicenso, nikkyu, CFHS RSKB - is testing for his ikkyu rank
  • Reed Wittman, yonkyu, CFHS RSKB - is testing for his sankyu rank

Fairly soon after, there are about 4-5 more from the Catalina Foothills High School District that… Continue

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Web sites & Resources

Matsuri: A Festival of Japan (2008) - Phoenix, AZ, Feb 23-28, Heritage Square

Battodo Ryuseiken in Japan. Also a partial site in english.

The Kodenkan of Tucson

The UofA Ryuseiken Battodo on the ASUA site

Tameshigiri.com - where we get goza. The ordering and shipping process are given.

Hanwei/Paul Chen swords

The Knighthawk Armoury builds some interesting realistic looking goshinken. They're expensive but they claim to be pretty durable (not yet tested by us).

Folding a Hakama the proper way

Woodall's Custom Workshop makes nice cutting stands for tameshigiri.

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