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August 2009 Blog Posts (4)

Battodo at UofA starting again

Posting for senseis Monica and Bianca for the U of Arizona club:

Hey Club Members and Potential Club Members (aka the most awesomemest people in

the world)!

The first Batto-do practice will be held next Friday, Sept. 4th from 6-7:30

pm. We will meet in the Rec Center at the corner of Highland and 6th at the top

of the stairs. Just look for a bunch of people carrying wooden swords - we're

hard to miss.

For those who will be attending for the first… Continue

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Gloves and goza

I got both a new pair of light combat gloves and new targets on the same day. The gloves are from Revival.us, a chivalry sports store with lots of equipment for Ren-Fair types. The gloves are light, kevlar reinforced with a hard shell over the knuckles, and padding for every finger. However, even the large size for me seems to be a little small for my hand. It fits mostly well and protects the wrist and forearms as well, but covers about 95% of my palm, making it a little annoying when it… Continue

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Ordered some goza from Nihonzashi, Cutting again some weekend soon

I've put in an order for one box of goza from Nihonzashi in Florida which should arrive next week. I think it's time for some cutting again soon, perhaps on the Sat 15th or Sun 16th. I wanted to test the quality of their goza first before ordering too much. The cost has also gone up a buck per target since it's more expensive to have it shipped from FL to here.

Let me know who can come.


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Katana/shinken selection guide

The folks at Nihonzashi have a fairly detailed set of information about the material and dimensions of the swords they carry. It's much more information than may be helpful to the beginner but still helpful.



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Web sites & Resources

Matsuri: A Festival of Japan (2008) - Phoenix, AZ, Feb 23-28, Heritage Square

Battodo Ryuseiken in Japan. Also a partial site in english.

The Kodenkan of Tucson

The UofA Ryuseiken Battodo on the ASUA site

Tameshigiri.com - where we get goza. The ordering and shipping process are given.

Hanwei/Paul Chen swords

The Knighthawk Armoury builds some interesting realistic looking goshinken. They're expensive but they claim to be pretty durable (not yet tested by us).

Folding a Hakama the proper way

Woodall's Custom Workshop makes nice cutting stands for tameshigiri.

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