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Very strongly, folks who feel they know something about the art defend their point of view. They are entitled to this, of course, within the scope of artistic criticisms. For the study of Kenjutsu we see this quite strongly, even though the reality of the number of folks training within Koryu systems is in fact miniscule. My point being that there are more people are reading about the sword arts on line than there are folks actively training in one of these arts. It is also true as a result of… Continue

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No more Goza?

I noticed a little too late that Dave and the guys from Tameshigiri.com will no longer be selling goza targets directly. This is normally where we get our stock that our students then purchase and use in their cutting.

Shihan and I are trying to consider other options: buying a container full of them directly from Japan, either new or more likely used goza. The goal is to try to find a cost-effective way but that much goza is hard to manage. There is another option from a Florida… Continue

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realistic foam+fiberglass goshinken

We went to the Rennaisance fair last week and I stopped by the Shady Armory where they had realistic looking foam weapons of many different types at hand. They didn't have any katanas but I was more interested in how it felt and functioned.

I added a link to the Knighthawk Armory that builds similar equipment except with a wide line of katanas. From what I could determine from a ten minute test, these foam… Continue

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I used the Hanwei Practical XL Light katana for all my cutting on Sunday, and I have to say I'm a little disappointed. The geometry of the blade seems right, even though it is a little more curved sori than I am used to. It's a wider blade than mine by 2-3mm at tsuba. Mine's a custom one that I bought from someone years ago, that our soke had made.

Some of the cuts came out well, but I was too slow in moving between cuts. We're talking tenths of a second or so, but I… Continue

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Cutting at the park Sunday March 8th

Hi all our students in Tucson,

We will have another cutting session at Himmel Park on Sunday starting at 11am. If you have not been to one, it is a lot of fun. We will be on the east side of the park off of Treat Ave just south of Speedway Blvd (closest cross-streets: Speedway & Tucson)

As always, come in full dress if you can. Otherwise, please wear plain black or Kodenkan Tshirts since we will be filming for Shihan's video as well.

Let me know who needs… Continue

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Web sites & Resources

Matsuri: A Festival of Japan (2008) - Phoenix, AZ, Feb 23-28, Heritage Square

Battodo Ryuseiken in Japan. Also a partial site in english.

The Kodenkan of Tucson

The UofA Ryuseiken Battodo on the ASUA site

Tameshigiri.com - where we get goza. The ordering and shipping process are given.

Hanwei/Paul Chen swords

The Knighthawk Armoury builds some interesting realistic looking goshinken. They're expensive but they claim to be pretty durable (not yet tested by us).

Folding a Hakama the proper way

Woodall's Custom Workshop makes nice cutting stands for tameshigiri.

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