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As you can see from the recent videos, I've been testing out the new high-speed Casio EX-FH20 camera to record some of the activity. It takes high-speed video at 210 frames per second. This really is helpful for cutting to see what we've done.

One problem however is that the files are huge, and on this site each video can only be 100MB maximum, although we can have as many of them as we wish. Even a minute of highspeed film is 60MB. From Saturday's cutting session, I have an hour or so of video which is 9GB. I have to edit each one down to the snippets we can use and fit into the 100MB limit.

So I'm spending some time to edit and upload the cutting videos in between having a new baby and family in town. In the meantime, enjoy the highspeed video I took at the Kodenkan class.


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