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Yesterday, I tested six students in the high-school class:
  • Andrew Dicenso for his ikkyu
  • Reed Wittman for his sankyu
  • Ian B, Theo C, Alexander S, and Nati G for their rokkyu

The testing overall went well. Andrew and Reed also have the second half of their tests, the cutting portion, the next time we meet for tameshigiri. Also Derek G, and Michael H. will be tested for their rokkyu next week.

Then I introduced Shogun to them, and all hell broke loose. We had enough goshinken for two full 5-person teams. I was pleasently surprised that the high-school class actually took careful attacks, rather than wildly swinging their swords. I'd say they even did better on that part than the adult class. The kids love the game, with no end of people wanting to spar.

There are three more folks to test later this week in the UofA class:
  • Steven Waldstein for his ikkyu
  • Patrick Quintero for his yonkyu
  • Kimy Ryan for her rokkyu
Once I've gotten everyone tested, I'll send in the paperwork for the Kodenkan, probably next Wednesday. (Doing it once is just much easier, and results in less delays)

Near December I'll test another whole bunch of folks, probably around 12-16 of them in all. That will be quite the test week.


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