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Practice in the park June 1st (6/1)

I'd like to get together next Sunday June 1st at Himmel Park (1 block south of Tucson & Speedway), northeast corner, for some cutting and kata practice. The is primarily for the black belts but others in our school are welcome to participate. The meet time is 9am and it'll probably go on until noon or so; earlier so that it's not as hot. As always bring some money for each goza you plan to cut.

We might meet again on the 8th, but if you need your practice in try to come both times--after all its Summer, you (my students) should have more free time.

Black belt tests are coming up on June 22nd, and I think we'll have one Shodan candidate this time around. Testing as before is in two parts: the cutting tests are held independently and probably again at Himmel park on the week before (June 15th), and the kata tests are in front of the Shihans at Kodenkan (and the same day and place as all other black belt candidates being tested).

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