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For a while now, Bianca Sempai, Shihan and myself have been talking about having a BBQ at the park. It would include all the students from the high school, the U of A class and the hombu class. We'd probably have food, maybe do a little cutting and otherwise just hang out, talk about Batto-do and bond. It would be a great chance to get to know other people who practice Batto-do (and it would also be a lot of fun!). Anyway, Shihan is super busy, especially after recently adding more Hiraido classes, so Bianca Sempai and I thought that we should organize it ourselves. That being said, any and all help is appreciated. When would be good for everyone? Is Himmel Park alright? Is there anything you would like to include besides what I already mentioned? Any suggestions you all have would be great!

-Monica Sempai

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Sounds like a great opportunity for some new pictures/videos and maybe some more sparring than most of us are used to, let me know how it goes.
Sounds like a great idea!

Himmel Park sounds like a good location. We should probably do it on a week when we're not doing a long session of cutting, otherwise it takes too much time (3hrs) to get that done, and we can't generally relax. I'd say a weekend morning in November might be nice -- great weather by then.

We can do just a little bit of cutting (maybe just 3-4 of us as a demo) and a bit of shogun/sparring. The shogun game will probably get more of the jr high students to show up.

But the rest of the time could just be a picnic is so we relax generally and meet everyone.

If you get the stuff organized, I'll make a quick flyer to hand out so students can invite their friends, parents, etc.
Playing shogun in the park would be a lot of fun! I say we definitely plan on doing that. Bianca and I will work out the details (time, food, etc.) and get back to you as soon as we can.
We need to get a hold of Sempai Dusty and Sensei Russell as well so they can invite their battodo students. I'll see if they come in this Saturday or Sunday.
Cool, let us know what you need us to bring if anything
Hey, coincidentally, I made a flyer yesterday too. I took your map below and put it into this one.

I put 10am as the general start time, with the assumption that most people tend to arrive a little later anyway, so we'll have a good number by 11am. I figure around 11am we'll start the demos and some of the games before we start eating/bbq.

We'll need to scope out a bbq grill at the park because I'm don't recall if there was one nearby on the east side. I'll try to bring my small grill just in case.

I'll upload this flyer which says pretty much the same stuff.


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